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1. Where do you source your ingredients?
We grow our fruits + veggies on trusted farms + use only all natural, non-GMO fruit + veggies.


2. What’s your manufacturing process?
We designed a proprietary process that stabilizes fruit + veggies for two years. We don’t use any preservatives, juices, concentrates or purees, + we’re all natural, kosher, vegan + raw.


3. Is That’s it. verified by third parties?
That’s it. is Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher certified + approved by the Natural Food Certifiers. Our two-year shelf life is verified by an independent third-party lab + we have the highest quality assurance process to ensure our foods are fresh, delicious + safe for you.


4. Is That’s it. truly good for you?
Yes! We all need fruits + veggies every day + That’s it. is a convenient way to eat real fruits + real veggies. Our products are low calorie, a great source of fiber, vitamins A + C, + we’re the purest alternative to nearly every bar, snack + juice.


5. Why does That’s it. contain sugar?
Real fruit contains natural sugar. (We typically don’t think about this because fruit doesn’t come with a nutritional label.) That’s it. contains naturally-occurring sugar found in fruit. Like salad dressing, That’s it. Veggie contains minimal sugar from our seasoning.


6. How does That’s it. compare to similar products?
We stand for balancing the world’s nutrition. We offer a uniquely expansive lineup of produce options to keep you balanced. That’s it. takes the wash, peel, cut, waste hassle out of produce + conveniently integrates real fruit + real veggies into every lifestyle. If you want just your veggies, That’s it. Veggie is crunchy + super tasty without added fruit.


7. Is That’s it. safe for people with allergen concerns?
All That’s it. products are made in our own facility, which is free from the top eight common allergens – peanuts, tree nuts (except for coconut), dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, crustaceans and fish. Our current packaging is being updated to accurately reflect this. We do not use any contracted facilities. However, if you are allergy-conscious, you should always consult your doctor before consuming new products.


8. What diets or nutritional programs work with That’s it.?
That’s it. products align with all current diets, including Atkins, Diabetic, Low Carb, Mayo Clinic/DASH, Mediterranean, Paleo, Raw, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Whole Foods and Zone. However, having been founded by a medical doctor, we defer to eating right + staying active.


9. Is That's it. Paleo Certified? Are your products Whole30 approved?
Yes! That's it. Fruit + That's it. Zesty bars are both Paleo certified, and That's it. Chocolate Bites are Paleo Friendly. (That’s it. Veggie bars contain legumes and therefore do not qualify.) Additionally, That’s it. Fruit + That's it. Zesty bars are Whole30 compliant. Because That’s it. Veggie bars contain legumes and That’s it. Chocolate Bites do not contain 100% Cacao, they do not qualify for Whole30.


10. Is That’s it. safe for kids?
If your kids can eat real fruit or real veggies, absolutely! In fact, we’re a better choice for kids than nearly all fruit snacks + taste just as delicious.


11. Where can I buy That’s it.?
That’s it. products are available at retailers nationwide, including Starbucks, Whole Foods, CVS, Kroger, Target + right here on this website!


12. How can I sell That’s it.?
Contact us at sales@thatsitfruit.com or on social @thatsitfruit. Help us balance the country’s nutrition!


13. How can I partner with or get marketing support from That’s it.?
Contact us at marketing@thatsitfruit.com or on social @thatsitfruit. Help us balance the country’s nutrition!


14. How can I get more information on That’s it.?
Contact us at support@thatsitfruit.com or on social @thatsitfruit.