Probiotics Bars

That's It Probiotics Bars

2 Billion Reasons

Our tasty 2 ingredient probiotic bars do much more than simply improve your digestion.

Illustration of various fruits
Illustration of probiotic active cultures Probiotics

Prebiotic + Probiotic benefits in one bar.

The fiber in fruit is prebiotic fuel for the 2 Billion CFU's of active cultures.

Crossed-out illustration of milk Crossed-out illustration of refrigerator

No Dairy? No Fridge? No Problem!

Our probiotic bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, and free from the Top 8 allergens. No refrigeration needed!

Hangover Remedies

Morning coffee or greasy food not cutting it? Try our new line of probiotic bars!

That's It Probiotics Bar. No Pills, No Coffee, No Pizza.

Prebiotics + Probiotics can help metabolize alcohol

Re-balance the ratio of bacteria & yeast

Can help alleviate hangover symptoms

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Stressed Out?

8 out of 10 recent studies found that probiotics can help improve mental health.

Happy Gut. Happy Mind.