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Affiliate program

Do you love That's it. so much you want to represent the brand online? Here's your chance!

That's it.'s affiliate program is a great way to earn money while sharing That's it. related content with your friends, family, fans and followers.

If you join our program you will receive a 10% commission ($6.00 avg) on every sale you generate. Plus we'll pay you in full for any sale generated within 60 days of the initial click!

Program highlights

  • 10% Commision + Bonuses
  • 60-day Cookie Window
  • $60 AOV
  • Monthly promotions & coupons
  • Personalized creative
  • Highly knoledgeable and available affiliate support team

Ready to start earning?

It's easy! Apply below, receive approval and add links to your channels, that's it.

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